Saving Electricity – Some Tips and Tricks

Saving energy and electricity is a good way to help slow down global warming, and to save ourselves some money!  Take a look round where you are right now, and see if you can spot any appliances which could be made more energy efficient.  Insulation and changing our daily habies are great ways to reduce the amount of electricity we use each day.

Lighting: try to use natural light where you can rather than switching on lights or lamps.  Open up your curtians and let the sun shine in!  Using natural light where possible helps you to use less electricity on lighting artificially.  You could try moving your furniture round to better use the natural light, such as putting your desk near the window.

An easy way to save energy is switch to lower energy lightbulbs.  These are moderately more expensive than standard bulbs, but they use the electricity more effectively to not waste heat.

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