Christmas Electrical Safety

When we are setting up our christmas decorations and festive decor, we often do not consider the electricity required to run or power these items. One thing which can cause problems over the festive season is having faulty electrical items!

Check your decorations for any wear and tear, particularly those which are plugged in continuously, such as fairy lights, christmas trees or other decorative things. Make sure the cables are not damaged in any way, and that all bulbs are working properly. Replace any broken bulbs on your tree lights – this not only looks better, but is safer in the long run.

Any decorations which are to be used outside should always be designed for outside use. Do not try using decorations which are indoor based (some lights are only meant to be used indoors for example), outside, as the weather can make these dangerous.  Be sure to again, check the cables and plug for any damage or wear.

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